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How come that some guys always get the girl YOU want?

One of the most important things women are attracted to is confidence. A man that feels at ease and comfortable, is sexy to women. So how do you portray confidence?
- Personal hygiene. Have a hair cut that fits you. Take a shower before you go. Wash your hair. Brush your teeth. Use a little (a little!) cologne if you like.
-Wear comfortable clothes. If you wear clothes that fit you well, and you feel at ease in, it will show. So if you are not a 'suit-n-tie' guy, and you wear one anyway, it will show that you are not really comfortable.
- Watch your body posture. Stand tall. Make sure your back is straight, and pull your shoulders back. This will broaden your chest, and make you look stronger.
- Make eye contact. When talking to other people (even if they are not your objects of desire) make sure you make eye contact. People who are not confident shy away from making eye contact. If this means you... practice in a safe environment (at school, the mall, on the street, etc) until you can maintain eye contact. But please, don't stare!
- Have a territory. Confident people take up more space. They stand or sit wider, put personal belongings on the bar, really own the space they're in. Be aware of this.
- But most importantly... be yourself! There's no use attracting women that would only like a fake you. And it's much harder to portray confidence when you're acting. Unless you're Johnny Depp of course.